Friday, April 18, 2014

Grounded Theory Building for the Workplace

My new published article is out, titled: Grounded Theory Building For The Workplace. This article is provided in the recent Performance Improvement Journal. Below you will find the abstract for this article, a diagram outlining the grounded theory building process, and the reference for the article.

Developing and utilizing theories in the workplace are critical for managers and practitioners to make sense of real-world issues. Grounded theory building is a viable research methodology that can be utilized in the workplace to help managers and practitioners develop theories, making better sense of workplace issues. This article looks at a general model of grounded theory building and introduces some of the key components involved in conducting grounded theory building.

The following diagram is provided in the published article. This diagram explains one process for the grounded theory building method that could be used by those in the workplace and by practitioners.

Turner, J. R. (2014). Grounded theory building for the workplace. Performance Improvement, 53(3), 31-38. doi:10.1002/pfi.21401

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