Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teams & Knowledge Management: New Publication

My most recent published article is now available from the Journal of Knowledge Management.  I was fortunate to work with my professor, Dr. Jeff Allen, and my colleague, TK.  The electronic version is now available from Emerald publishing with their EarlyCite version. Once the finalized version is available for their print version the EarlyCite version will be transferred to a permanent, fully coded, electronic version.  The content will remain the same, only some publication alterations will be made and the author's biographies will be new. The reference for the new article is listed below:

Turner, J. R., Zimmerman, T., & Allen, J. (2012). Teams as a process for knowledge management. Journal of Knowledge Management, 16(6).  Retrieved from

The Abstract / Purpose is provided below:

Within the expansive body of literature on knowledge management, very little research is found that examines the use of teams as a sub-process for knowledge management. This article addresses this limitation by providing a theoretical framework that examines the similarities between the benefits of incorporating teams into the workplace and incorporating knowledge management principles. Recognizing that knowledge management has several critical dimensions, the framework that ties workplace teams to each of these knowledge management dimensions is built. Knowledge management and teams in the workplace are viewed at the individual, team and organizational level of analysis.

The full article will have to be read via JKM due to copyright rules.  However, once the print version is out, if you have trouble obtaining the article, I can probably help with forwarding a pdf version of the article. Just let me know. 
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